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Cruise from Durban on the Sinfonia, Cruise up to the Portuguese Islands and Pomene.



The Portuguese Island is a small, uninhabited island nestled between the coast of African and the Indian Ocean, just off Maputo Bay in Mozambique. The island itself is six kilometers long and takes about an hour to walk across. Along the way, several small kiosks sell refreshing drinks and local food. One of the local favorites is Tipo Tinto, which is a rum distilled from local sugar cane.  The oceans also offer a chance to take a refreshing dip to cool down under sun soaked skies.


There is plenty of activity on this island, from beach volleyball to beach tennis. Lounge about on a sunbed, read a book under an umbrella or head off to a quite more secluded bay.


Cruises Schedule from Durban to Portuguese Islands and Pomene

January 2018

4 night cruises 29 Jan to 2 Feb 2018

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5 night cruises 22 to 27 Jan 2018

February 2018

3 night cruises 2 to 5 Feb 2018 9 to 12 Feb 2018 16 to 19 Feb 2018 23 to 26 Feb 2018

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4 night cruises 5 to 9 Feb 2018 12 to 16 Feb 2018 19 to 23 Feb 2018  

March 2018

3 night cruises 2 to 5 Mar 2018 9 -12 Mar 2018 16 to 19 Mar 2018 23 to 26 Mar 2018  

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4 night cruises 5 to 9 Mar 2018 12-16 Mar 2018 19 to 23 Mar 2018 26 to 30 Mar 2018

April 2018

3 night cruises 6 to 9 Apr 2018

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4 night cruises 2 Apr to 6 Apr 2018  
5 night cruise 15 to 20 Apr 2018

Even before MSC Sinfonia sets sail, stepping on board is like embarking on a voyage of discovery. With its impressive array of new features and facilities, the ship is now even better equipped to satisfy every need. Spacious new cabins with balconies have been added with superb panoramic views. The restaurant and buffet areas have been enlarged to serve up an even greater variety of culinary treats.

A new 319 m2 area to fill with music and dancing ahs been added and fabulous new play areas for children of all ages, starting with an exciting spray park packed with fun water features built. The lavish MSC Aurea Spa now has more space for massages.

Please note that access to the theatre for the evening shows is by booking only (not needed for the other ships).

There are three quick and easy ways to book: connect to the free onboard wi-fi network with your smartphone or tablet, use the touch screens on different decks of the ship, or ask at the Reception.