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Located on the equator in East Africa, Kenya, is Mt Kenya with its snow and glacial ice peaks, Africa's second highest volcano. Mount Kenya is composed of three high peaks, namely Batian (5199m or 17,058 ft), Nelion (5188m or 17,023 ft) and Point Lenana (4985m or 16,355 ft). The first two are clad in glacial ice and only accessible to technical climbers, but Point Lenana is easily reached by any fit trekker. Ten glaciers cover the peaks of the volcano, and the original crater on Mt. Kenya was over 20,000 ft (6100 m) high, having been eroded over time.


The trek takes 3 to 6 days, starting low on the lush forest floor and heading up through scrubland with giant groundsels, podocarpus and a range of animal life. It is said by the local Kikuyu people, that Mt Kenya belongs to Ngai, their local god, and traditionally, all Kikuyu homes were built to face this sacred peak. Like Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya was formed during the Pleistocene era and her northern flanks cross the Equator.

Fast Facts

Best: May to October

Tour: From 4 Days

Hotels, Huts or Tents

Graded 2c (FP)

Mount Kenya Sirimon Itinerary

This trek to Point Lenana is the shortest route, but also the steepest route.


Day-1: Old Moses camp 3300m

After an early morning breakfast, transfer from Nairobi to Sirimon Park Gate (2600m) where you will meet your trekking crew. Today is a relatively short acclimatisation walk to Old Moses camp situated at 3300m for our overnight stay. (4-5 hours)


Day-2: Shiptons camp, 4200m

Todays hike is tougher than the day before, and we will take about 5 to 7 hours to reach our overnight stop at Shiptons camp, situated at 4200m for our overnight stay. (5-7 hours)


Day-3: Old Moses

Rising very early, we will shuffle off into the morning at about 03h00to make our pre dawn attempt of Point Lenana 4985m. The route will take us via two screed sections up to 4600m before the final ascent to Point Lenana. We enjoy a leisurely descent to Old Moses to Camp for our overnight (5-6 hours).



Today, we descend to the road head through the groundsels and lobelia to reach our transfer vehicle back to Nairobi. Breakfast and lunch are provided. ( 3 hours)


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