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From work to feet. Send us your answer to what these feet are about?

This month you can climb to the Roof of Africa along the Machame route to the summit of Kilimanjaro, or head into the heart of the Himalaya in the Annapurna region, to base camp.

The magic and mystery of Morocco awaits on this diverse tour and trek, exploring this exotic land, or go  back packing around Kosi Bay and explore the unique ecological features this coastline has to offer.

The temporary closure of Mt Everest is in the news, and our Q&A looks at training for high altitude trekking.

Our picture of the month is of an unusual sculpture in celebration of an ancient species and our photo series looks temples of Bhutan.

Our lady in last month's image got a mixed bag of answers. In answer to the question of what she is doing we had replies like: making pancakes, curing cloth, dying cloth, starching cloth....and then the odd correct answers. The lady in making rice paper and the photograph was taken in the  Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The process is a very lengthy, tiring and back breaking exercise. To read a full description of the process, click here

Correct answers go to Cathleen Durant (who also sent us the above link - thank you), Jackie Davis, Marcus Stromberg and Chang Liao.

Send your answers for this months image above to  

To the roof of africa
Roof of Africa-Kilimanjaro
Climb to the Roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro, at 5895m. Stand above the clouds and get to experience the beauty this incredible mountain has to offer. Low season special.

Price per person sharing from $1670.00

November 2017

8 Days, 7 nights

Morocco trek and tour

Moroccan Magic

Saharan dunes to high peaks, Kasbahs to medina's, Morocco offers the traveller a diversity of sights. Travel around this ancient land and trek in her high mountains

Travel Dates: 1-31 October 2017

Price per person sharing from GBP1030


Duration: 12 days 

Annapurna Base Camp Special

If travelling into the heart of the Himalayas is on your bucket list, then head for the Annapurna region. Endless vista's, high mountains and ever smiling people...

Price per person sharing from $1817.00

October 2017
15 Days, 14 nights

Queen Mary Cruise

Kosi Bay Back Packing

Kosi Bay Hike is an escape into one of the inaccessible and ecologically special parts of South Africa. Choose from a 4-6 night tour and sleep in comfortable beach and bush camps

Travel Date: 27 January 2018

Price per person sharing from ZAR5280.00

In the News -Climber  Causes China to Close Autumn Climbs
Polish climber Janusz Adam Adamski, 49, made an illegal traverse from China to Nepal this Everest 2017 season. Now, not only will he be punished by Nepal and China, but his action has costs others their opportunity to climb in Tibet this autumn. Or is that all? Read more here
Open Departures


Everest Base Camp:  13 - 30 October 2017


Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route: Full  Moon New Year 2018

Question of the Month
How can I train for altitude when I live at sea level?

We get asked this question so often during general emails with clients that we decided that this month we would dedicate an entire article to the topic. So for those of you who live at low altitudes and cannot go and train for your climb in the mountain, some reading material....
If you have a question you want answered, send it to us. We publish one per month.

Chogoria Route Mt Kenya


Temples of Bhutan

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