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Aconcagua is situated within the Provincial Park of Aconcagua, in Argentina. It is surrounded by a large number of high peaks, from Mt. Cuerno (5450m), Mt. Catedral (5200m), to Mt. Mirador (5800m) and Mt. Ameghino (5800m), to name but a few. It was first climbed by the English alpinist, Edward Fitzgerald, during the summer of 1897. Every year on average 5,400 people visit the Aconcagua Provincial Park and 3,650 try reaching the summit, with about a 60% success rate.


Our mountain guides are qualified professionals of the AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides) and the EPGAMT (Provincial School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides). The latter qualification takes 2 years. We believe that to succeed in our expeditions, professionals with experience and the ability to offer security should guide our teams.


The expeditions are led by a mountain guide and an assistant for every 3 or 4 clients. Their equipment includes: VHF radio, a first aid kit. We use porters to enable our clients to move with less weight on their way to the summit and to keep all their energy for the day that they are going to get the summit. For every 3 to 4 clients there will be a porter who will be in charge of transporting the shared equipment of the expedition.

Fast Facts

When: December to March

Tour: 18 days

Hotels and Tents

Trek Grade: 3E (SP)

Aconcagua Itinerary


Day-1: Mendoza (760m)

We will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel. On this day our guide will check your mountain equipment and accompany you to hire the necessary things. You will lodge and enjoy the comforts of one of the best hotels in Mendoza city. (Food is not included)


Day-2: Mendoza / Penitentes (2,725)

Before going to Penitentes, the whole group will apply for the climbing permit with the guides assistance. You will have lunch and spend the night in Penitentes. In the afternoon, the mules are loaded and prepared for the following day. (B, L, D)


Day-3: Penitentes / Confluencia (3,300)

The group will be taken to the entrance of the Park in a private van. There permits will be presented and you will start with the trekking to Confluencia Camp. The equipment will be carried by mules. At arrival, you will set up your tent with your partner and will be able to rest. (B, PL, D)


Day-4: Confluencia / Plaza Francia (4,000) / Confluencia

Trek to Plaza Francia, base of the south face of Mt. Aconcagua. Here you will enjoy a delicious lunch and a spectacular view. Then you will return to Confluencia. This trekking is considered part of the acclimatization process, fundamental in our expedition. (B, PL, D)


Day-5: Confluencia - Plaza de Mulas (4260m)

The trek to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp lasts around 8 hours. You will stay in our own base camp with the necessary commodities for you to be as comfortable as possible. (B, PL, D)


Day-6: Plaza de Mulas

Resting day. You will make a short trek in Plaza de Mulas area, to contemplate the beauty of the mountain. On this day, you will also leave ready the crampons, which will be used in the altitude. (B, L, D)


Day-7: Plaza de Mulas / Mt. Bonete (5,100) / Plaza de Mulas

Acclimatization trekking to Mt. Bonete summit and return to Plaza de Mulas. This trekking will take about 6 hours and you will reach 5.100m of altitude. This activity will definitely turn on all the acclimatization mechanisms on your body. (B, PL, D)


Day-8: Plaza de Mulas / Camp 1 "Canada" (4,910) / Plaza de Mulas

Acclimatization trekking to Camp 1 "Canada". You will take to Camp 1 part of the food and equipment that you will need in the height camps (each member of the group will carry -without exception- food and equipment load for the expedition that will be 10 kg tops). Once at Canada, you will have lunch and then return to the Base Camp. (B, PL, D)


Day-9: Plaza de Mulas

Resting day. You will make a short trek to the glacier so as to improve your use of crampons. These kinds of activities facilitate your success in the mountain. (B, L, D)


Day-10: Plaza de Mulas - Camp 1 Canada

After a 3-hour trek, you will reach Camp 1. The group will have lunch and set up tents. You will begin feeling the effects of altitude on your body. (B, PL, D)


Day-11: Camp 1 Canada - Camp 2 Nido de Condores (5250m)

climb to Camp 2. This trek lasts 4 hours. As on the previous days, you will set up tents with the guides help. You can rest after this. (B, PL, D)


Day-12: "Nido de Condores" / Camp 3 "Colera" (6,0 00) / "Nido de Condores"

On this day, the expedition food that will be needed at Camp 3 will be carried by each participant on the expedition (each member of the group will carry -without exception- food load that will be 5 kg tops). Once at Colera, you will enjoy your lunch so as to return later to Nido de Condores. This trek will continue helping with your acclimatization process. (B, PL, D)


Day-13: "Nido de Condores" / Camp 3 "Colera"

Climb to Camp 3 "Colera" which will be the last altitude camp before de summit. This will be a short hike, around 3 hours, but all your strength is needed due to the characteristics of this part of the route. On this day, each client will be responsible for carrying personal equipment only. Mountain equipment and sleeping tents will be carried by our porter staff. At Colera Camp the campsite will be settled, strategically located. The guide will check each member of the group and will give the last advices. Besides, he will plan the final strategy to the last climbing day in order to assure the greatest success possible in the summit. Dinner and resting. (B, PL, D)


Day-14: Camp 3 "Colera" ("/ Summit (6,962) / Camp 3 "Colera"

Climb from Colera to the summit and return to Camp 3. The great day! The group will get up very early in the morning, have breakfast and start climbing. You will get to the summit, where you will live an unforgettable experience, and return to Colera. You will sleep that night with the satisfaction of having reached your aim. (B, PL, D)


Day-15: Camp 3 "Colera" ("/ Plaza de Mulas

After a long trek, you will get to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. On this day, each client will be responsible for carrying personal equipment only. Mountain equipment and sleeping tents will be carried by our porter staff. Once in Plaza de Mulas, the group will have the day free to share emotions you have experienced throughout the expedition. (B, PL, D)


Day-16: Plaza de Mulas / Puente del Inca / Mendoza


Day-17: Mendoza

Breakfast. End of services. (B)


Day-18: Extra day for contingencies

that may prevent the normal development of the program.


Day-19: Extra day for contingencies

that may prevent the normal development of the program.


End of services

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