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Peru is best known as the heart of the Inca Empire, albeit that it was home to many diverse indigenous cultures long before the Incas arrived. Located on the central part of western South America Peru is hemmed in by the Pacific Ocean. With a popu7lation of over 27 million people, it covers an area of 1,285,215 km2 (about the combined size of Spain, France and Italy ) making it one of the 20 largest countries on Earth. Also because of their geographical location, Peru's coasts have traditionally served as a vital point in maritime and trade routes on the subcontinent.


As a country, Peru offers visitors 3 distinct geographical zones, from the dry arid coastline which is home to the incredible Ballestas Islands and just inland, the Nazca Lines, to the high Andes range and also to the Amazon. There is so much to see in this diverse region, that one is spoilt for choice.




Fast Facts

All year

When: All Year

Tour: 13 days

Hotels and Tents

Trek Grade: 2c (FP)

Alpamayo Trek Itinerary


Day-1: Arrive Lima


Day-2. Lima - Huaraz

After breakfast, transfer by bus to Huaraz. Eight hour journey heading first north along the Pan-American highway before turning east and heading towards the Andes. Arrival and transfer to your hotel.


Day-3. Huaraz (B)

Free day for acclimatisation in Huaraz.


Day-4. Huaraz - Chavin (B)

Private trip to Chavin de Huantar, site of the oldest pan-Andean civilisation dating back to 2000BC. Located on the outskirts of the village of the same name. It is the oldest known pre-Columbian culture discovered and is known as Chavin-Kotosh. Return to Huaraz where the journey takes you over the continental divide at the high Kawish pass.


Day-5. Huaraz - Churup-Pastoruri (B)

Trip to either Lake Churup or Pastoruri glacier. Churup is quite a tough 1 day trek which allows you to ascend to 4600m Pastoruri is easier to access due to the usage of a 4X4 vehicle and allows for some time at the wonderful glacier. Return to Huaraz and briefing on the Alpamayo trek.


Day-6. Huaraz - Hualcayan (3140m)

Early transfer from Huaraz to Cashapampa where you will start the 50Km tough trek around Alpamayo. The first day's hike will take you past Conay and the Huancarhuas. Reach the first camp at Hualcayan at 3140m.


Day-7. Hualcayan - Huishcash

Today is a steady day with approximately 6 hours of hiking onto Huishcash.


Day-8. Huishcash - Osoruri (4750m)

A tough day heading up until you are rewarded with views of the Cullicocha Lake at 4600m. There is a spectacular backdrop of Santa Cruz 6259m with its impressive ice wall rising above the Lake From here you will cross the Paso dos Cedros at 4850m following with a steep descent to Osoruri. Then a short climb to a second pass at 4,750 m. After lunch on the pass, you will descend to the camp in Ruina Pampa totaling about 7 hours of hiking today.


Day-9. Osoruri - Jancarurish

An easier day today as you will trek along the valley floor to Jancarurish 4300m. This beautiful turquoise glacial lake nestles beneath Alpamayo and the adjacent peaks of Jancarurish 5780, Tayapampa 5860 and Quitaraju 6254m. Camp by the lake shore.


Day-10. Jancarurish - Huillca (4830m)

Today, the expedition travels to Safuna lagoon, which should be reached after a 4 hour hike. You will then climb up to a rocky pass to 4830m which is known as Cara Cara before descending to a rocky ground and arrive at a grassy valley called Mesa Pampa.


Day-11. Huillca - Jancapampa

After breakfast you will follow the pass to Salctaycocha at 4600m. You then continue more easily into a rocky valley with a scattering of quenual trees. Follow the valley down to the still waters of Salctaycocha Lagoon and continue along into the broad Jancapampa valley.


Day-12. Jancapampa - Pomabamba

Today is the last day and you will pass several small villages before reaching Pomabamba. From here you will be met and picked up by private bus for the transfer back. Night bus back to Lima


Day-13. Lima

Arrival in the early morning and transfer to the airport for your return flight home.


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