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Peru is best known as the heart of the Inca Empire, albeit that it was home to many diverse indigenous cultures long before the Incas arrived. Located on the central part of western South America Peru is hemmed in by the Pacific Ocean. With a population of over 27 million people, it covers an area of 1,285,215 km2 (about the combined size of Spain, France and Italy ) making it one of the 20 largest countries on Earth. Also because of their geographical location, Peru's coasts have traditionally served as a vital point in maritime and trade routes on the subcontinent.


As a country, Peru offers visitors 3 distinct geographical zones, from the dry arid coastline which is home to the incredible Ballestas Islands and just inland, the Nazca Lines, to the high andes range and also to the Amazon. There is so much to see in this diverse region, that one is spoilt for choice.


Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Hidden in the jungle for hundreds of years, these incredible ruins now stand bold above the Urubamba River


Ancient Peru

Ancient ruins tell a story of culture, ethnic clashes and invasions, from Kuelap to Sacsayhuaman

Inca Trail

Inca Trail

This stunning trail takes you along ancient Inca paths to the enigmatic ruins of Machu Picchu

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

The water of Lake Titicaca offer an insight into the incredible reed beds that form the base of many homes in the islands of Taquile