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The most scenic route up Kilimanjaro is Machame Route, which winds up clearly laid paths through a forest of violets and red-hot pokers. Starting in comfortable temperatures, you trek along paths of moss and lichens which hang on trees, clothed in a blanket of mist. Above the Machame forest, the vegetation changes to scrubland with lobelia and daisy bushes, blooming like overgrown pompoms. Toward Shira ridge, the terrain becomes more rocky and melts into an expansive alpine desert, decorated with large deposits of volcanic rock and grey dust. Glacial ice pours off the summit, stretching ice fingers down to a height of 4800m. Here you have break taking views of Lava Tower at the base of Arrow Glacier and the western breach.


Mount Kilimanjaro houses one of the most circular volcanic vents in the world, Ash Pit, and above the crater and Furtwangler Glacier, stands Uhuru Peak. At 5895m, it is the highest peak in Africa, and highest freestanding volcano in the world. A sunrise summit climb on a clear morning, and you feel like you are on top of the world. With 5 or 6 days of trekking behind you and a gold certificate in hand, it is an experience that will live with you for a lifetime.

Fast Facts

Altitude: 5895m

All year

Best: June to October

Tour: From 6 days

Hotels, Lodges

Trek Grade: 2c (FP)

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Itinerary Machame Route

Day-1: Arrive Kilimanjaro International Airport and transfer to hotel.


Day-2: Kilimanjaro Machame Gate to Machame Camp

Today after a brief stop in Moshi we head to Kilimanjaro park entrance at Machame Gate, near the Machame village. Here we complete formalities for trekking permits and then start trekking in the forest. Rain in the Machame forest is possible. .


Day-3: Machame to Shira Camp

You leave Machame camp and climb quite steeply for about an hour. The route then follows a more gentle gradient toward the base Shira Plateau. Then you traverse up the rocky outcrop before heading in an easterly direction, to Shira Camp.


Day-4: Shira Camp (3840m) - Lava Tower (4630m) - Barranco (3950m)

Shira camp can be quite cold in the morning as you head way from views of Mt Meru into an arid desert type environment full of lava rock. The route is a steady gentle climb up to Lava Tower. It is not uncommon to start feeling the effects of altitude with shortness of breath around 4200m. At Lava Tower you break for lunch, and start your descent of almost 680m in altitude to your next camp at Barranco. Today you follow the principle of climb high, sleep low. 


Day-5: Barranco Camp (3860m) to Barafu (4550m)

This morning you start the slow climb up the well known Barranco Wall, bringing you out below Heim Glacier. After taking in the incredible views you trek along the route to Karanga Valley which takes you through three ridges and valleys, before coming out at Karanga Camp. This however is not your camp, and you climb another 2-3 hours up to your next rocky narrow camp, at Barafu. Today is a very long day, but above you, 1345m up is the summit of Kilimanjaro. 


Day-6: Barafu (4550m)- Uhuru Peak (5895m)-Mweka (3100m)

Starting out pole pole with your headlamp on, your will gradually climb up through a rocky area above Barafu Huts. The path then levels out for a bit before you start then long ascent through endless volcanic scree, to Stella Point (5685) on the rim of the crater. It can take anywhere from 4-6 hours and is challenging both mentally and physically. After a short rest and trek the next 200m in altitude for the summit anything from 1-2 hours. After you have reached Uhuru Peak, basked in the glory and filled up your photo card, the route heads back to Barafu and down towards Mweka for your nights camp (3100m).


Day-7: Mweka (3100m)- Mweka Gate (1980m)

A short 3-4 hour hike through stunning forests lie ahead today, and at the end of it, Mweka Gate, where you sign your name in a register to receive you Machame summit certificates. Those climbers who reached Stella Point (5685m) are issued with green certificates and those who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates.


Day-8: Depart

Later today transfer to Kilimanjaro airport.  


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