What started out of as a commitment to family to Climb Kilimanjaro quickly turned into a passion for high peaks and adventure travel around the world. And so Nomadic Adventures was born out of the desire to offer these amazing experiences with others around the world. Since then, Nomadic Adventures has grown and now includes an array of unusual destinations from South America to Tibet and Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. We have spent time with the mountain gorilla of Rwanda, trekked to the North Face of Everest, visited the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, engaged in cultural dances with the Nepalese and witnessed the migration of the wildebeest from Tanzania to Kenya. And our journeys continue so that we may gain first hand experience or our areas.


View a selection of some of our amazing destinations

Climbing Kilimanjaro


Climb to the Roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro and the largest free standing volcano

Gorilla Tours and trekking

Mountain Gorillas

Engage with the incredible Mountain Gorilla

Culture and trekking tours


From Nepal to Vietnam and Bhutan across to South America - diverse cultures exist

Tibet Overland with Nomadic Adventures

Tibet Overland Tours

Endless azure blue glacial lakes, towering monasteries and mountain vistas await you on the Tibet plateau

Vietnam food experience

Vietnam Cooking Tours

Venture into the unknown on this incredible cooking tour of Vietnam and get to learn the true ingredients that makes their food so tasty

Everest Base Camp with Nomadic Adventures  

Everest Advanced Base Trek

This incredible trek takes you as high on Everest as a non summit climber can go, all the way to Camp III