Many people have heard that climbing Mt Kenya on a full moon is the best time to go. This means planning your summit to coincide with a full moon. However as romantic as it may seem to plan your climb this way, there are a range of things to consider. So here is a look at pro's and cons of climb Mt Kenya during a full moon.


 Your route to summit is lit by the full moon

The majority of a trekking or climbing on Mt Kenya takes place during daylight hours. It is only for the summit attempt you climb at night, starting out just before midnight. A summit attempt done during a full moon means that the entire route will be well lit and you will hardly need to run on your headlamp

 Pre and post summit nights around camp

If you are aiming to summit during a full moon it means that your nights pre and post summit around camp will be lit by a near perfect full moon, giving you amazing moonlit scenes from camp

 Incredible universal energy

The Full Moon is supposed to be a powerful time where the universal energy is highest and the best time to renew positive energy. In some religions a full moon is invocative of the higher energies and creates a channel of contact between soul and spirit.

Pit Falls

 If the night is overcast, you wont benefit from the full moon

Think about it, just because there is a full moon does not  mean the skies will be perfectly clear and cloudless. If you happen to catch an overcast night, then you will not benefit much the from full moon, nor the light it creates, and you will still need the assistance of your headlamp.

 Busier routes

If you are planning to summit during a full moon for all the positive reasons above, who is to say others wont as well, meaning that your entire route to summit will be crowded with many others seeking to benefit from the full moon too


 If you want to avoid the crowds, plan your summit for a day before or after the full moon. That way you still get the moon, without the crowds of people.

2017 Full Moon 2018 Full Moon 2019 Full Moon
January 12 2, 31 21
February 11 - 19
March 12 2, 31 21
April 11 30 19
May 10 29 18
June 9 28 17
July 9 27 16
August 7 26 15
September 6 25 14
October 5 24 13
November 4 23 12
December 3 22 12
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Overview of Trekking Routes
 3 days trekking
 Shortest way to Lenana summit
 Rapid ascent
 Starts at Naro Moru Park gate (2400m)
 Sleep in Tents/Huts
 Steep vertical bog section
 Summit via Mackinder's and Austrian Camp
Naromoru Route
 4 days trekking
 Scenic easier route
 Northern side so drier
 Starts from Sirimon Park Gate (2600m)
 Sleep in Tents/Huts
 Long open valleys
 Summit via Shipton's camp (4200m)
Sirimon Route
 From 4 days trekking
 Most beautiful route
 Longer approach route
 Starts at Chogoria Park Gate (2950m)
 Sleep in Tents/Huts
 Steep craggy peaks and views
 Summit via Austria Hut (4790m)
 4 days trekking
 Ascent via Sirimon and descend Naromoru
 Starts at Sirimon Park Gate (2600m)
 Sleep in Tents/Huts
 Steep vertical bog on descent
 Summit via Shiptons camp (4200m)
Naromoru Sirimon Route
 5-6 days trekking
 Very scenic route
 Slower ascent
 Starts at Sirimon Park Gate (2600m)
 Sleep in Tents/Huts
 Steep craggy views and lakes on descent
 Summit via Shiptons camp (4200m)
Sirimon Chogoria 5 days
Sirimon Chogoria 6 days
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 Mt Kilimanjaro
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