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“It doesn’t matter where you are going. It matters who is beside you.” 

The last newsletter's image ​​ ​​was of the Tanneries in Fez in Morocco. Only one person got it right - Jeannette Zapp, along with a myriad of other close guesses. 


 ​​This incredible mountain is one of the closest points in the entire world to the sun and also happens to be the highest peak in Africa.
 It has such a diverse of flora and fauna and a true bucket list item.
 1 to 31 August 2024

  8 days, 7 nights
 Price per person sharing for 2 people: USD$1670.00  


Plan ahead this year and hike to Everest Base camp and then Island Peak.​ ​Named by Eric Shipton because of its resemblance to an island in a sea of ice is Island Peak reaching 6160masl. A great opportunity to do two summits, Kala Pathar and Island Peak.

1 to 30 September 2024     

20 days, 19 nights     

Price for 2-4 people per person sharing from $2540.00
Price for 5-7 people per person sharing from $2270.00


Beautiful forest and terraces of rice paddies along the give way to spectacular mountain vistas on the Annapurna base camp trail taking you to an altitude of 4100m. It is a spectacular out and back high altitude hiking route stretching through multiple environments 

1 - 30 September 2024

15 days, 14 nights

Price per person sharing for 2-4 people: $1625.00                     
Price per person sharing for 4  or more people: $14480.00  


 ​ ​A wonderful 12-day trek along the spine of the High Atlas Mountains, culminating in an ascent of North Africa’s highest mountain. 

At 4,167m, Jebel Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa.​ The hike to the summit is challenging, but it requires no mountaineering experience.    

1 to 30 July 2024

14 days, 13 nights     

Price per person sharing for 2 people: ​£1280.00  


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