Tibet lies to the north of the great Himalayan range which separates Tibet from its neighbours India, Nepal and Bhutan. With its spectacular Himalayan mountain scenery and rich Buddhist culture, Tibet is a remarkable place to visit and an ideal take off point for a trek to Everest advanced base camp, or a Himalayan mountain bike cycle. The heart soul and capital of Tibet is Lhasa, literally meaning Holy-Land, with a history of more than 1,300 years. Tibet hugs the northern border of Nepal and is part of the China land mass. 


In the 7th century AD, Tibet rose to prominence as an important center of administrative power when Songtsen Gampo, a local ruler in the Yarlung Valley, went about the task of unifying Tibet. He built a palace on the site that is now occupied by the Potala and made it his capital. The fifth Dalai Lama also made Lhasa his capital. He built his palace, the Potala, on the site of ruins of Songtsen Gampos 7th century palace, Lhasa has remained Tibet' s capital since 1642 Little is known of the origins of the Tibetans, but it is believed that they came from the nomadic, warlike tribes known as the Qiang. 

As the home of the Dalai Lama with the winter and summer palace in Lhasa, the country is full of sacred with sacred temples and ancient monasteries draped in multi-coloured prayer flags. Tibet also offers an unique insight into Buddhism. Given the vast size of the country, tours in Tibet mean covering a lot of ground by car. Azure blue lakes, high mountain peaks and endless opportunities for sightseeing and trekking.

tours across tibet


This 14 day overland tour takes you to some of the best that Tibet has to offer from magnificent monasteries to high passes, crystal azure blue lakes, colorful praying flags and vast expanses of land. It truly is an inspiring experience crossing over the high passes.

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mt kailash lhasa


This 11day overland tour takes you from Lhasa across part of the Tibetan Plateau. Magnificent monasteries to high passes, crystal azure blue lakes, colorful praying flags and vast expanses of land. It truly is an inspiring experience crossing over the high passes. This tour starts in Kathmandu and ends in Lhasa

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kailash via simikot


A pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and a bath in the Mansarovar is believed to bring about salvation (These tour can start in varying places depending on how long you have to travel.)

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kharta valley khansung

Kharta Valley Khansung

This Kharta Valley Trek takes you to a seldom visited side of Everest, the eastern face known as Khangsung face. Hence it is also called the Everest Khangsung face trek. 

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everest advanced base camp

everest advanced base camp

The high altitude trek to the advanced base camp of Everest is one of the most spectacular trekking routes in the Himalayas, across glacial moraines, through ice seracs to the advanced Everest Base Camp or AEBC.               

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tibet mountain bike tour


This mountain bike tour offers one of the world's longest and steepest descents - a non-stop downhill that begins on the Tibetan Plateau and winds 1500 kms down to the fertile rice fields of Nepal (an unbelievable 4600m descent!)

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