What started out of as a commitment to family to Climb Kilimanjaro quickly turned into a passion for high peaks and adventure travel around the world. And so Nomadic Adventures was born out of the desire to offer these amazing experiences with others around the world. Since then, Nomadic Adventures has grown and now includes an array of unusual destinations from South America to Tibet and Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, Vietnam to Morocco. We have spent time with the mountain gorilla of Rwanda, trekked to the North Face of Everest, visited the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, engaged in cultural dances with the Nepalese and witnessed the migration of the wildebeest from Tanzania to Kenya. And our journeys continue so that we may gain first hand experience or our areas

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The Environment

Our ground operators in each destination are well affiliated to various organizations in their country to include porter protection and environmental sustainability. We regularly give back to the communities we work in and will readily get involved in charity climbs and treks, offering you the lowest cost trek possible. We are committed to environmental sustainability and regularly get involved in cleanup operations e.g. bi-annual treks up to clean rubbish off the mountain, annual treks on the  route to clean up what we can.  

Our Clients

We do not reject anyone who wants to climb in pairs or small groups and in some cases, trek alone. We will always do our best to accommodate your specific needs. We work with country based tour operators and local guides who have proven their success in their field. We work with local guides who know the local conditions, customs and culture and most importantly, the mountains that they spend so much time in. Who better to escort you around the country than the very people who live there?

Giving Back

Over the years we have partnered with many organisations and people who work tirelessly to help raise funds for those in need. Our events have ranged from arranging climbs for the Blind to help raise awareness and funds to assist Blind people, to raising working with groups to raise funds to fight against rhino poaching in South Africa. If you have a charity event, contact us about how we can work with you.

Contact us

Email us on or call us on +27 31 7673373