MSC Musica not only launched a new class of ecological cruise ship, she launched a new class of cruise - a spacious world of graceful lines and superlative choice, enriched by the creativity, fine natural materials and attention to detail that have always distinguished MSC Cruises. 

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MSC Cruises frequent Questions



What is an excursion program like?

Excursion programs are designed to cater to every MSC guest, satisfying their tastes and preferences. A variety of itineraries are proposed for each location including cultural attractions and sightseeing, shopping opportunities and trips to local beaches. Passengers can really get a feel for the day's destination in just a few hours and come away with some great new vacation memories.       

Where can I learn more about the excursion program so I am sure to pick something I enjoy?

The MSC Cruises catalogue contains detailed information about each excursion. When you reserve a cruise, you will receive detailed information regarding excursion times, prices and itineraries by selecting choices that relate to your personal tastes. Once onboard, guests will also find an informative brochure in their cabin. Finally, the Tour Manager and staff are also on hand to provide information and advice. 


What documents do I need?

For all cruises leaving South African waters, passports are required.

Immigration regulations effective 01June 2015 require that parents arriving/transiting/ departing from South Africa accompanied by children under 18 years produce an unabridged birth certificate together with a valid passport for each child traveling. Where only 1 parent is traveling or the  adults traveling are not the biological/legal parents of the children they are required to carry with them consent in the form of an affidavit from the  legal parents to travel with the child/ren. This does not include coastal cruises/ cruises to nowhere, where the cruise does not leave S.A sovereign  territory. Any passenger who fails to produce the required documentation for inspection by Home Affairs officials at the port will be denied travel. MSC Cruises SA provides passengers with guidelines only and all passengers are  directed to the S.A Dept. of Home Affairs for more information. 



Until what age can children travel for free?

There are special offers for children staying in the same cabin with two adults. Registration fees, insurance, flights and transfer costs are not included and must be paid individually. Please contact your Travel Agent for more information. 

Are cots and highchairs available onboard?

Yes, a limited number of cots and highchairs are available onboard, although please be prepared for more demand for these during the high season. Please be sure that the travel agency faxes your request for these items when you book your cruise. 

What can babies and small children eat onboard?

All children onboard our MSC cruise ships can enjoy tasty, creative dishes as well as varied and entertaining main courses. Our vast menu selection is designed to meet children's tastes as well as their nutritional needs.

Is it possible to leave children onboard whilst parents disembark for an excursion?

Yes, provided that the activity coordinators are notified at least one day in advance. 

What kind of onboard entertainment is available for the younger guests

A highly qualified staff is responsible for entertaining younger guests to ensure that their cruise holiday is just as memorable as any adult's. There are ad-hoc programs designed for every age group, as well as sporting competitions, contests, quizzes, treasure hunts, and water games in the swimming pool. A fully-equipped games room is also available with a vast selection of toys selected according to the needs of each age group; these range from board games, draughts, chess, stencil, art, blackboards, modeling clay, coloring, group games and much more. 

Are the children's activities provided at an additional cost?

No, the activities are complimentary. MSC Cruises has designed a full program of fun activities and games for children of every age, with a Mini club for children aged from 3 to 9, the Juniors club for children from 9 to 13 years and the Teenagers club for those aged 13 and over. 

Can children register in the MSC club program?

Yes, but please note that advantages and discounts begin at age 14. 


What can be purchased onboard?

MSC Cruises ships are fully equipped with shopping centers where you can find everything from alcohols and tobacco, to beauty products, clothing, lingerie, accessories, shoes, gadgets, souvenirs, MSC licensed items, and jewellery. Whether you've left an essential item at home, wish to indulge in a spot of onboard shopping or treat a loved one to an unexpected gift, you are sure to find everything you need in our boutiques. 

What are the opening hours of the onboard shops?

Opening times are listed in the program sheet which is delivered to your cabin each day. Shops are normally open whilst cruising and during the daytime hours, offering total convenience and peace of mind for guests. 

What are the payment methods onboard?

All onboard purchases are made with a dedicated cruise card so there is no need to carry cash or credit cards. Upon embarking, we advise passengers to leave a credit card imprint in order to immediately settle the bill at the end of the cruise. However, guests can also choose to leave a cash deposit of which any unused funds will be reimbursed after reviewing the statement prior to disembarking at the end of the cruise. In either case, guests will receive a detailed statement against which they can verify all charges. 

Are the prices onboard more expensive than those on land?

No - in fact, due to the special environment that regulates the maritime sector, many products (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) can be sold duty free*, just like in airports, so you can enjoy a discount of up to 30% off usual retail prices on land.

*Depending on the itineraries and subject to applicable legislation.



The MSC Cruises fleet has an artistic playbill that is extremely varied. Diverse performances are programmed for each evening: international Orchestrals, classic and modern songs, dance, mime acts, magicians and jugglers all entertain passengers. The evening performance is announced in the daily onboard program which is delivered to the cabins.

Are there any additional costs for the performances?

Performance attendance is free for passengers on all ships and for all onboard performances.            

Is it necessary to make reservations?

MSC Cruises built large theatres on their ships to ensure that each spectator has a comfortable, 'front row's quality seat. Guests can attend one of the two nightly seating plans, which are identical to the restaurant service seating plans. The performances are repeated twice each evening between 8:30 pm and 11:00 pm, and as such, there is always a place for everyone.

In what languages are the shows performed?

Although art has a universal language, the performances are designed with the nationality and preferences of the passengers in mind. The evening entertainment is conducted by a multilingual host who introduces the upcoming numbers in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. Passengers can share in applauding the quality onstage performances ranging from a tenor performing moving arias from Verde to an English-speaking magician or a Brazilian dancer. 



What should I pack in my suitcase?

We advise guests to bring everything they normally like to wear, whilst taking into account the type of cruise and the season of travel. For example, in the Mediterranean during the summer, a coat is certainly not necessary, although a light jacket will prove useful. Those traveling to the North Pole should bring wool sweaters and gloves. As traveling by cruise liner is one of the most glamorous ways to see the world, no suitcase would be complete without at least one elegant outfit?

What is the appropriate attire whilst on a cruise?

Around the pool or in the gym area, a swim suit, sarong, sandals or flip flops and sporting attire are perfectly fine. On the outdoor bridges, caps and sunglasses are extremely useful. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes for the land excursions. Additionally, when visiting museums and cultural locations, it is best to avoid short-shorts and to bring along a scarf or sweater to cover bare shoulders. 

How do I select the right outfit for the evening?

The evening dress indications are clearly outlined in the daily program which is delivered to the cabin the day before. A glance at the program will help you establish whether the evening requires a dark, formal outfit or more casual attire. 

What do I need for the indoor areas?

All indoor areas are air-conditioned. Therefore, when passing through the different halls, we advise that you wear a scarf or light sweater in order to avoid any sudden temperature changes. 


How does it work?

The system provides you with a prepaid code once you have registered. The debits for internet time will be made directly to your onboard account. The credit can be accumulated and can be used to your desire for the duration of your time onboard. 

What does new user mean?

New user is the first step for those using the internet system for the first time. On this page it will be possible to insert all the data required for registration. At the end you will be given the credentials and will be able to purchase prepaid internet. 

What does Returning user mean?

It's user who has already completed the registration and who is in possession of a username and password. The username and password will be valid for the duration of your stay onboard. 

I can't Access my account?

This is not a problem!, all you have to do is click 'Forgot username and Password's and follow the instructions listed

Can I monitor my credits and check my sessions?

Yes! Go to your profile and click 'view profile's to view your remaining credit and 'check your session's to see the duration and number of connections done. 

May I run my VPN and remote management software?

Most of the VPN and remote management applications are restricted for MSC Company Policy. 

May I use my e-mail client?

It may happen that mail clients like MS Outlook are restricted for MSC Company Policy. 

May I run my videoconference applications?

Videoconference applications like Skype are not restricted, but because they require wide-band to works perfectly, the correct functioning is not guaranteed. 

What shall I expect in terms of internet performance?

The internet performance of the Ship is not like a shore broadband connection, it works through the satellite links and it may result significantly slower during certain moments, and it could be interrupted due to interferences or bad weather conditions.

Do I need any specific device to surf the web?

You can surf the web by using any of your device: Iphone, Ipad, Android devices, PDA, smartphone, notebook. 

MSC MUSICA not only launched a new class of eco-friendly cruise ship, she launched a new class of cruise - a spacious world of graceful lines and superlative choice, enriched by the creativity, fine natural materials and attention to detail that have always distinguished MSC Cruises. A magical world of warmth and hospitality awaits every guest.    

Life on MSC Musica is lovely from the moment you step on board. As soon as you see the central foyer’s three-tier waterfall and its see-through piano, suspended on a crystal floor above a pool of shimmering water, you know this is a special ship.      

The designer venues on board are equally inspiring, whether you’re dancing to a band in the dazzling Crystal Lounge, relaxing in the stylish Havana Club cigar lounge, gaming in the Sanremo Casino or enjoying a live show in the stunning Teatro la Scala.    

 Family & Kids

On MSC Musica, children and young adults enjoy the special treatment for which MSC Cruises is well known, with colourful indoor and outdoor play amenities, a pool of their own and separate Kids and Teens Clubs for a vibrant social life on board.   

The varied cuisine on board is freshly prepared from prime ingredients. Try the tasty Italian gourmet specialities in Il Giardino, treat yourself to Japanese delicacies in the Kaito Sushi Bar, or enjoy authentic Italian pizzas. 

Bars & Lounge Savour our extensive international selection of fine wines, thirst-quenching beers and classic and innovative cocktails. With nine elegant bars to choose from, there’s a venue to suit every occasion.